Maundy Thursday

The Maundy Thursday service will be held on April 18 at 7:00 with a celebration of Holy Communion.  We will be blessed to have the Children’s Choir singing Jesus loves me and the Youth Choir singing The Servant Song as a part of our worship.  All are welcome to attend.

Palm Sunday

Come and experience the chaos and confusion of Holy Week as the same people who sang “Hosanna” at the triumphal entry shouted “Crucify Him” as Jesus stood before Pilate.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the PWS&D Christmas Card Project.  At a quick glance the amount of money we raised can provide for a number of projects, including a cow for a vulnerable woman, AND seeds for a family garden plot, AND fruit trees for a family.  Or any number of combinations of the above projects.  Your generosity will make a huge difference in the lives of many vulnerable families.  Peace and Blessings for Christmas.

Thank you Natalia, St. Andrew’s Children’s & Youth Choirs and the Cantabile String Ensemble, for a wonderful evening of Christmas Music. It was enjoyed by the full house and all the proceeds went to “The Shuswap Children’s Association” to help fund a new program called “The Nest” which helps Children under the age of six who have autism, as well as their parents. To see a video of the Children’s and Youth Choir singing Silent Night (click here) and follow the links.!AgOlwU12BLTkmWInf1cJF756a5mL