Sharing my blog

Good Morning:  here are my musings on Max Lucado’s Book, Anxious for nothing and how the church can respond at these times.


COVID ANXIETY: the church

Hello everyone:  it has long been a hope of mine to include a link to my blog on the website.

The drawback was me not blogging.  When I started the blog I wanted a way to share creatively about God and about prayer.  Since I began ministering among you that need to be creative and teach has been well nurtured among you.

But now as we have all retreated to our homes to self isolate, it seems like a good time for me to start blogging again, as we struggle to be faithful and creative as the Church here in Salmon Arm.

So today I have started with a prayer for protection for all of us, and the whole world.

Here is the link:

Prayer for Protection