St. Andrew’s opens its doors in Christian love and hospitality:

  • To all who wish to worship God in Spirit and in truth.
  • To all who may be longing to build a deeper relationship with God, with Christ, and with the blessing of the Holy Spirit.
  • To all seeking to build friendships in a strong Christian community.
  • To all who love God’s house and wish to hear the Word preached and to lift their voices in hymns of praise.
  • To all who long to unite in prayer and fellowship; to serve in the building of The Kingdom in this community and around the world.

Young and young at heart, swift or slow,in need of fellowship and Grace, seeking the saving, forgiving love of God in Jesus Christ, you all will find a warm welcome at St. Andrew’s.

Sunday Morning Service Begins at 11 am  (for more info click on the “Worship” tab)

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