July and August loonie offering will go to help fund the new immigrant family. (To learn more about the Bokondji family and how to give, click here)

The following information has been provided by Rev. Ena van Zoeren.
Yes the refugee family is still coming.  They are waiting on permission to fly as all the other hurdles have been set behind them.
The last email I got from the committee stated that what they are gathering for now is the money for the flight, the government pays for it as a loan and then the refugees are required to pay it back.
So I am sure that they will be grateful to have the loonie offering.
and hopefully for the family, a quick trip will be a blessing, as they are aliens in South Africa and the jobs they were able to get to feed themselves and live are now unavailable because of the pandemic.  Let us also pray for them at this time.

Here is some information about contributing to the loonie offering this summer.

Contributions can be made by etransfers, to:  giving@Lakeside Community Church, please put Bokondji family in the subject line.
Or if by cheque please make certain that  it is made out to Lakeside Community Church but with a memo that the money be designated to the Bokondji family.

Lakeside’s address is:

Lakeside Community Church
PO Box 71
Salmon Arm V1E 4N2