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Neighbourlink Shuswap Community Outreach

For the year 2019-2020, for all programs (other than 2nd Harvest) approximately 60% seniors, 10% single moms, 25% other family compositions, and 5% usually victims of domestic violence, all facing some sort of emergency or other need. Of these programs;  Repurpose Furniture amounted to 85%, internet work connections 6%, with the remaining 9% split between other needs, or emotional support.

We have helped 290 households within our specific programs (outside 2nd Harvest). At the prior mentioned percentages, that’s approximately 174 senior households, 72 other households, 29 single mom’s, and 15 victim families of domestic violence. Other than the 2nd Harvest program, the Repurpose program has been able to help 246 households, 17 with inter-resource networking which includes legal, and the other 26 roughly splitting between emotional support or some other need met (usually these involve several other categories at the same time).