2020 Loonie offerings

Recipient Offering
January NOSBIS (Brain Injury Support) 115
February Coldest Night of the Year 75
March Hospice 100
April Second Harvest 460
May Pregnancy Support 110
June PWS&D Covid Support 560
July Immigrant Family 160
August Immigrant Family 0
September Doctors Without Borders 0
October St. Andrew’s Hall 0
November Salvation Army Lighthouse 0
December SAFE House 0
YTD Totals 1580

Blood donation American Red Cross Fundraising Charitable organization - previous button png download - 4290*1360 - Free Transparent Donation png Download. If you wish to financially partner in any of the work of St Andrew’s you may send your donations to; St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 1981 9th Ave. NE, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 2L2 or e-transfer to standrews1981@outlook.com

If you wish your Donation to go to something specific please label it accordingly ie: Loonie Offering, General Funds, etc.