2008 Zambia April-May

In 2007 St. Andrew’s decided to fund the construction of a medical clinic at the campus of “Grace Academy”. Grace Academy is a boarding school for children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDs; most are orphaned and found themselves in seemingly hopeless situations. Now through the work of Seeds of Hope Childrens Ministries and ARV drugs these children face a bright future full of hope. After raising the funds St. Andrew’s put together a team to put the roof on the newly constructed medical clinic, the team traveled to Zambia at the end of April 2008 for a two week period.

The Team Members: Don & Maye Cann, Ron & Judy Sutherland, John Hanna & Patrica McKinney (nee Hanna), Team Leader in Zambia was Sandra Howard.  Zambia Presentation

For more info on this excellent project go toSeeds of Hope