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Good morning everyone.  This past week I have known a strong sense of gratitude for many reasons.  For you, the ministry you continued while the building was closed.  For God and his grace.  For the leadership in our country.  So here are my ramblings about all those things.

Covid Life: gratitude



It has been a rough and heartbreaking weekend around the world.  Let us pray together to heal the grief, pain, and anger that has prompted demonstrations that some have exploited for their own ends to incite violence.



Hello:  again.  It is good that we can keep in touch in a variety of ways.  Just a reminder there will be a Bible Study posted on Wednesday,  We will continue with Mark’s gospel, taking up in chapter 9 where we left off.

In the meantime here is the latest in my blog thoughts and prayers.   Blessings to you all.   Ena

COVID ANXIETY: able to go out again?


Hi all: Yesterday Dr. Henry said worship could open again, with certain guidelines.  I don’t know what that means, but I know that wondering if, how, when, will it be safe, age, occupation, health, singing, social distancing are often my thoughts as I lie awake at night.

I am blessed (maybe cursed) to be a part of several groups of clergy who look at and talk about a lot of research regarding worship.  I will admit that this is a consuming consideration among all of us.  None of us are sure.

So that announcement and a few other catalysts led to these thoughts last night.  It is not my answer, but it is my struggle.

COVID ANXIETY: questions in the night

Weathering the Storm

COVID ANXIETY: The perfect storm


Some thoughts on our callling and purpose during isolation.

COVID ANXIETY: gratitude/service


Today is the day we scheduled the Chili Cook-off.  My thoughts and reflections on continuing to honour our first responders….

COVID ANXIETY: cancelled/postponed


I continue the prayer journey:



Easter morning dawned to a weary bunch of disciples. Here are some reflections on Easter exhaustion….



This Good Friday lends to thinking about the things we give up right now in relationship to the sacrifice of Jesus.  So here are my thoughts:


Happy Sunday to you.  I trust you all enjoyed that great sermon from Shirley.

Today I continue the journey with Max Lucado, but in a different way.  I hope this helps all you are struggling right now.  Ena



Good morning:   I trust you are all doing well at home.  For me it continues to be a time of working and preparing for Bible Study, worship, attending meetings via Zoom instead of in person and this week I started prepping for Holy Week Services.  But I am not neglecting the Spiritual Practices I set out for myself.  So here is what I meditated upon today.  Blessings to you all.  E

COVID ANXIETY: God is Sovereign



Good Morning:  here are my musings on Max Lucado’s Book, Anxious for nothing and how the church can respond at these times.


COVID ANXIETY: the church

Hello everyone:  it has long been a hope of mine to include a link to my blog on the website.

The drawback was me not blogging.  When I started the blog I wanted a way to share creatively about God and about prayer.  Since I began ministering among you that need to be creative and teach has been well nurtured among you.

But now as we have all retreated to our homes to self isolate, it seems like a good time for me to start blogging again, as we struggle to be faithful and creative as the Church here in Salmon Arm.

So today I have started with a prayer for protection for all of us, and the whole world.

Here is the link:

Prayer for Protection