September 30th: Marking the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Click here)

Marking the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


Dear siblings in Christ,

September 30th marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  You may have your own plans to honour this day, but we would like to share a few possibilities with you, on behalf of the Shuswap Ecumenical KAIROS group, and St. Joseph’s Social Justice group.


Louie Thomas, a respected Secwepemc elder, has invited people to gather at the Art Gallery in Salmon Arm at 2:00 PM on Thursday, September 30th for a special event honouring this day.  You are welcome to attend this event.


Another option is to drum where you are at 2:15 PM in response to the invitation from Kukpi7 (Chief) Rosanne Casimir at or their Facebook page tkemlupstesecwepemc.  Here you will find a media release and links to the honour song.


Another possibility that St Joseph’s and First United are considering is a display of children’s shoes – perhaps on the banister, or forming a circle, near the church.  These could be set in place on Thursday, September 30th, and kept there until the following Sunday, when as a faith community, you might want to offer a prayer over the shoes before donating them to the Thrift Store.


Whatever your decision, we encourage you to share the information in your church bulletin this coming Sunday.  There are several fine prayers available, but we include this prayer from the Indigenous Ministries of the United Church of Canada.

Great and Heavenly Spirit,
God of compassion, healing and comfort,

We lift up in prayer the sacred lives of the children, some now known to us, all known to you, who died in residential schools.
We lift up in prayer the sacred lives of the children who went missing from these schools and whose fates are unknown to those who held them most dear.
We grieve the loss of so many thousands of these little ones, and we grieve especially their loss so far away from home.
We grieve the loss of youth with so much potential. These were children of this place, children of our land. The loss of their giftedness is our collective loss.
We lament how long their families have had to live with unanswered questions.

Hear our prayers:
for those who were not informed of their children’s deaths at all, or on a timely basis;
for those who were not told of where their daughters and sons had been buried;
for those who have long hoped that a child who went missing somehow survived and had a good life—even as they may have also feared the worst.

We lament our complicity in the loss of these children. As members of a church which ran residential schools, we seek your help as we look to redress the many ways in which our church failed these Indigenous children, their families, and their communities. We pray that your reconciling love will teach us how to create true bonds of community and understanding as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples today.

We lift up with gratitude the efforts of all those who are seeking to honour the lives of the children who died, as well as the children whose fates are unknown, through ongoing research and acts of remembrance.
We ask for your continued guidance of them as they work to uncover the stories of the lost. We understand how precious this information is, and how vital it is to the healing of so many families and communities.
Bless those who are preparing to honour the children with sacred ceremonies and those who work to protect burial sites, in keeping with the traditions of Indigenous peoples across this land.

We pray for the families of these children and for all who loved them. Envelop them in the warmth of your infinite care and give them peace.
Inspire all of us with energy, wisdom, and commitment to the loving pursuit of the truth which will heal all of us in our brokenness and lead to reconciliation with our neighbours across this land.



May God bless us with wisdom and compassion as we journey together toward reconciliation.


Rev. Juanita Austin

Co-chair of the Shuswap Ecumenical KAIROS group


Carol McAndrew

Co-chair of the Shuswap Ecumenical KAIROS group


Bruce Weicker

St. Joseph Parish – Social Justice

The Loonie Offering for August is going to help with fire relief efforts through the Salvation Army. The Session was very mindful of the great losses that occurred in Lytton and felt that the Loonie Offering may be one way in which we at St. Andrew’s could help.

Donations for fire relief can be sent to the address below. Mark your donation “fire relief”.

Salmon Arm Community & Family Services
441 3rd St SW.
Salmon Arm BC V1E 1V4
Tel: (250)832-9166

July’s Loonie offering will go to NOSBIS (North Okanagan Shuswap Brain Injury Society) Click here for some information on this worthy charity

NOSBIS is a non-profit society that supports ABI survivors and their family members. Our head office is in Salmon Arm, BC. Our area of coverage includes the North Okanagan and the Shuswap, from Enderby to Salmon Arm to Squilax, including all points in between. Our members are children, parents, teens, spouses, and grandparents. Membership is open to anyone in the community with an interest in the challenges that come with living with the effects of brain injury. Professionals, interested citizens, and service providers are also welcome as members.

To donate directly to NOSBIS please visit their web page at and click on the “Donate” button

Please click here for an update on Neighbourlink’s activities over the last year.

Neighbourlink Shuswap Community Outreach

For the year 2019-2020, for all programs (other than 2nd Harvest) approximately 60% seniors, 10% single moms, 25% other family compositions, and 5% usually victims of domestic violence, all facing some sort of emergency or other need. Of these programs;  Repurpose Furniture amounted to 85%, internet work connections 6%, with the remaining 9% split between other needs, or emotional support.

We have helped 290 households within our specific programs (outside 2nd Harvest). At the prior mentioned percentages, that’s approximately 174 senior households, 72 other households, 29 single mom’s, and 15 victim families of domestic violence. Other than the 2nd Harvest program, the Repurpose program has been able to help 246 households, 17 with inter-resource networking which includes legal, and the other 26 roughly splitting between emotional support or some other need met (usually these involve several other categories at the same time).

May’s Loonie Offering – Pregnancy Support (click here)

Traditionally because Mother’s Day comes in May our Loonie Offering has been designated to Pregnancy Support. When the local pregnancy support group ceased operation we shifted our support to the Vernon Live Well Clinic. If you know of anyone needing help or support with their pregnancy please put them in touch with the Vernon Live Well Clinic. To learn more about them I have provided the following link to their website:

The Session would encourage you all to help them out, throughout the month of May even though we do not have the “baby bottles” again this year. You can give a number of ways; By cheque or e-transfer to the church (label your gift “Pregnancy Support”). Send your donations to: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1981 9th Ave. NE, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 2L2 or e-transfer to

Or you can give directly at the following links from the Vernon Live Well Clinic’s web page.

  • DONATE ONLINE through Canada Helps

    Click the button below to make one-time or monthly donations, or memorial gifts online.

    Donate Now Through!


    Call 778 475 6016  If you reach us voice mail, please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as able.


    Send your donation to: Vernon Live Well Clinic:  3504 30 St Street, Vernon BC V1T 5E8.

  • E-transfer

  • If you’d like to consider becoming a regular monthly Donor, we would be happy to set you up on a pre-authorized debit with your bank. Just give us a call at 778-475-6016 or send an email to

April Loonie Offering will be going to The Second Harvest Food Bank (click here to find out more about Second Harvest)

Second Harvest Food Bank is a food program that embodies the principle of “those who have more than they need sharing with those who have less.” Food is provided from the four main food groups and we have a special milk program for families with children. No government funding is received, so the operation relies on generous donations of food and cash from the community. At present, approximately 200 needy families are being served each week who would otherwise have to do without.

Second Harvest Food Bank
Our Location

We’re located near the rear entrance of the Salmar Classic Theatre (360 Alexander St. N.E.), accessible from the Ross St. parking lot.

Click here for map.

Hours of Operation

Are your pockets empty and your cupboards bare? If you’re in need of assistance, we’re open on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, and Fridays from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

Donations of items or monetary value are accepted at Second Harvest Food Bank during hours of operation.

You may also mail donations to Box 1062, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P2,

E-Transfer donations can be sent to (Please indicate your mailing address in comment area for tax receipt)

We also accept donations through PayPal online by clicking on this link to donate securely. Please include full mailing information so that we can make sure to give you a charitable receipt for any donations of $10 or more. Thank you.

To donate through St. Andrew’s send your donations to; St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 1981 9th Ave. NE, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 2L2 or e-transfer to: Please mark your donations as “April Loonie Offering” or simply “Second Harvest”.